Bully Sticks Chew Treats

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Bully Sticks are a wholesome, dental dog chew your dog will love! Our Bully Sticks for dogs are the natural alternative to treats your dog can't digest, like rawhide. Bully Sticks support positive dental health by helping scrape away plaque and tartar through consistent chewing that lasts a long time.  Bully sticks are also great for keeping bites on your puppies on track.  Our sticks are all natural, derived from grass fed bulls.  Your dogs will thank you for these bully sticks!!!  We currently carry Jumbo, large, and small sizes which are great for stronger breeds and toy to large dogs, and puppies of these breeds.  May be cut in half for small breeds and small breed puppies that need more of a tough chew than our smalls offer.  

16 oz package of 5-12” long sticks and very thick.  (usually 5-6 large sticks)  The longer are what we call Jumbos.  The large are 7" long sticks and slightly smaller in diameter than the jumbos.  Perfect for mid sized breeds and puppies.  the 5" is perfect for all mid sized and large breed puppies, or your tougher jawed smaller breeds.  The small 1 lb bag of pieces we offer is full of parts of the larger bully sticks and ideal for toy sized and miniature breeds.  

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